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Dedicated to delivering health care programs since 1989.

A company dedicated to delivering quality health screenings to partners both large and small. With your needs in mind. Either high tech or high touch, our ability to scale up to meet our clients demands is unrivaled. Completely compliant health screenings combined with the marketing experience to help make them a success. With over 20 years of experience and millions of participants, WAM Health is unparalleled in it's ability to deliver. 



Biometric Screenings

We deliver health screenings across the United States. Whether it's one event or thousands, WAM Health has the expertise and scale to deliver...

  • Blood Pressure
  • BMI
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Vaccinations
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Medical Consultations


WAM Health has delivered health screenings in over 30 major cities without issue. Delivering clinical equipment, marketing materials, staffing, and more, often in hundreds of locations simultaneously. Health Screenings are about more than just machines and people, WAM Health knows how to deliver everything you will need. 

Custom Hi-Tech and HI-TOuch Solutiions

Our team creates custom experiences via hi-tech and hi-touch solutions. Whether it's video, apps, web integration, in person screenings, or health coaching, our team has experience with multiple delivery methods and campaign types.  We know that no two clients are exactly the same, with challenges that vary extensively. We create the right solution for you, specific to your needs. In the language and culture your clients require.  At WAM Health we're also completely platform agnostic and can use our proprietary solutions, share vendors we've worked with in the past or work with your existing partners.

Post Event reportING

Our team customizes reports to your needs. Whether the goal is to understand patient populations, health trends, overall health, or any other metric, our team has the experience to give you the data you need. In any format you want.

Event Marketing

There are a lot of Bio-Metric screening companies out there. WAM Health does more. We help draw attendance to your events. Whether it's grass-roots, peer to peer, digital, or any other medium, WAM Health helps make your event a real success. Our creative department can design everything from video to print collateral, or simply deploy what you've already developed in house. 


Licensed & InsURED 

WAM Health is a CLIA waived laboratory with multi million dollar insurance policies. With our team, you know your organization is protected from any possible occurrence. With over 10,000 screening events completed, and millions of participants, No WAM Health client has ever had an issue with any regulatory body.


Clients get to leverage the fact that we do thousands of health screenings annually, we pass that scale on to their bottom line.
— Alberto Quilez


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